National Organizations Responding to AIDS (NORA)

Co-founded by AIDS Action in 1987, the National Organizations Responding to AIDS (NORA) is a diverse coalition of national organizations responding to the AIDS epidemic. In order to more effectively respond to the multitude of legislative and public policy issues that have been generated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the coalition has grown to include over 175 health, labor, religious, professional and advocacy groups that represent a broad consensus on HIV and AIDS related policy, legislation, and funding.

Convened by AIDS Action, the NORA membership and its issue-based working groups meet regularly to assess emerging AIDS policy and programmatic issues and to determine priorities for legislative and administrative action.

NORA's mission is to engage in concerted federal advocacy on national public policy on HIV and AIDS. The coalition provides a forum for the discussion of emerging legislative, policy and programmatic issues surrounding the AIDS epidemic and for the comprehensive analysis of pending legislation and regulation for the purpose of determining priorities for legislative and administrative action.

NORA Releases FY 2006 Appropriations Recommendations
For the 13th year in a row, NORA has compiled a set of recommendations for appropriate funding for the federal HIV/AIDS portfolio. To read the press release announcing the publication of Fiscal Year 2006 HIV/AIDS Appropriations Recommendations, click here.
To read NORA's recommendations, click here.

NORA Responds to the President's FY 2006 Budget
On February 7th, President Bush released his proposed budget for fiscal year (FY) 2006. NORA was disappointed to see that the majority of the federal HIV/AIDS portfolio has once again received level funding. To read NORA's response to the FY 2006 budget, click here.

NORA Releases Principles for Ryan White CARE Act Reauthorization
The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Emergency Resources (CARE) Act is scheduled to be reauthorized in 2005. NORA has created a set of principles in support of the CARE Act, which highlight some of the important aspects of the legislation that Congress should consider as it prepares to reauthorize this critical piece of legislation. To read NORA's principles, click here.




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